Home Improvement Ideas: Small Tricks, Big Impact on Selling Your Home
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Small Improvements, Big Impact on Home Sales

From Frank Catalano on The Realty Times: In the real estate industry, small improvements – affordable but visible alterations – can have a lasting impact on prospective buyers…

And, in contrast to other investments (which are both expensive and highly subjective), having sufficient greenery – lawns, gardens and shrubs – is an easy way to beautify the surrounding area and highlight the relative worth of a building. This advice has added value for the real estate industry, where there is a glut of inventory, falling prices and a difficult financial landscape. But, and this principle bears repeating for commercial property owners and residential building managers who seek to win the attention of potential tenants, lawn care is not a passive activity. Meaning: you need to make the right choice about treating and maintaining large patches of greenery.

This idea – the concept that the outside of a property can (indeed does) influence the valuation of a building – is all the more reason to make lawn care a priority. (My recommendations to realtors and homeowners are the same: before you redo a kitchen or revamp a backyard or invest in some faddish technology, focus on the practical things – the grass, trees and paint – that strengthen curb appeal.)

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home improvement ideas

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home improvement ideas

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