Kudos to the Colonial: For My Father

If there is one rule in life for Leigh Crates’ father, Wally Schmuck, it is to play by the rules. “Since he was a boy, he has abided by the rules of golf and the rules of life – adhering to both with equal fortitude,” said Crates.

Whether it is the rules of golf or of life that are in question, Crates has always known exactly whom to turn to for help. “Whenever there was a dispute at my son’s competitive golf tournament, I would call my dad,” she said. “And without missing a beat, he would cite the rule book and explain the proper resolution.”

The DEAN & DELUCA Invitational ends today at the Colonial Country Club

After moving to Fort Worth in 1953, Wally almost immediately joined Colonial Country Club. He jumped right in and actively supported the tournament from the beginning, creating a 60-plus year monumental commitment that Crates said her family is “so proud to honor.”

“He’s done almost every job there,” she said. “From committee work to, ultimately, serving as tournament chairman and president, there is no job too small or insignificant for my dad.”

Briggs Freeman Salutes the Colonial - BEST - Ben Crenshaw and Wally Schmuck

Wally served as tournament chairman from 1985-1988. He was president of the Colonial from 1990-1991, and a USGA rules official from 1994-2004. Today, he co-chairs the Ben Hogan Award with Dr. Bill Barnes.

“At almost 87 years old, Wally still plays golf every week. He loves to play with our children and grandchildren. He has instilled in our family a love for golf,” said his wife, Pat.

And for a man who loves his family and the game of golf deeply, there can be no greater legacy.

Leigh’s message this year during the tournament: “Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you.”

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