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Top Home Tech Trends for 2017

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In a recent post for Lowe’s Open House Newsroom, Mick Koster reports that research predicts a 100 percent increase in the number of Americans residing in smart homes within the next five years. Given that a quarter of U.S. homeowners already occupy a smart home, this information is incredibly significant—theoretically, by 2022, half of U.S. homeowners will have opted into this technological upgrade.

Earlier this year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—a technological runway of sorts—gave us an idea of what continued developments in integrated home technology will look like. Replete with new gadgets, the show featured hundreds of products. Be on the lookout for these trends:


Let’s admit it—sometimes it’s nice just to find a product that makes life easier, especially in the way of housekeeping. Black & Decker debuted their Smartech Robotic Vacuum, for example, which boasts a lower price tag than its competitor (the iRobot Roomba), while LG showed their InstaView refrigerator, which has a LED panel constructed into the door and integrated with Amazon Alexa. This means you can grab a snack, stream music, or even order groceries right there!


Understandably, safety is a top priority for homeowners. New products this year—such as Yale’s NextTouch Wireless Locks and Samsung’s WiseNet-SmartCam A1 Home Security System—make it easier to monitor your house and make security changes remotely.


Ideally, technology makes life simpler, not more complex. Products are aiming toward integration so that a smart house works together like a well-oiled machine and not just a million disconnected gadgets. Voice-controlled assistants à la Alexa and Google Home can understand your commands, implement them, and interact with other devices to perform efficiently—executing tasks like shopping, finding music in your library, or activating other controls within your house.

Virtual Reality

VR is promising to change the face of real estate as the internet becomes a more central tool that agents can utilize to deliver their clients the best experience possible. The National Association of Realtors points out that Sotheby’s has teamed up with Matterport to provide 3-D for their clients, many of whom appreciate this service when struggling to imagine a house physically distant from them. As more VR goggles and headsets hit the market, this trend is likely to continue, perhaps even to include houses yet to be constructed—who knows what the future holds!


Some toys showcased at the CES might not be the most practical, but, to be honest, they are pretty cool. Do we need the Keratase Hair Coach, which has Bluetooth capabilities, a microphone, and even conductivity sensors to gauge the state of your hair and how you brush it? No. Is it still kind of amazing? Absolutely.

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