The Robbie Report: A Community of Giving

Ask yourself a question: what do you do to support the community? Dallas is among the finest cities in the U.S., due in no small part to the outstanding devotion to philanthropy exhibited here. No challenge is too big for Texans, particularly when it comes to our neighbors.


For some, community involvement means simply writing a check. For others, it means rolling sleeves up, digging in and getting their hands dirty. I am deeply involved in an organization known as The Men of Nehemiah, a structured residential, discipleship and addiction recovery ministry for homeless and formerly incarcerated men. It’s named after the prophet Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls surrounding Jerusalem. The name serves as the program’s inspirational metaphor in its critical mission to rebuild and restore lives. It’s been successful and incredibly rewarding work. Please take a moment and read about the success stories at, and even consider becoming involved.


How do you get your hands dirty? There are no shortages of needs or quality DFW community organizations looking for volunteers. We encourage all of our employees to find a passion, make an emotional connection and lend their expertise to the neighborhood YMCA, a school mentoring or reading program, one of the area hospitals or public health support groups. Nonprofits can all use dedicated advocates to donate something much more important than money: their time. The experience of touching a life through thoughtful community work is the greatest gift of all.


I welcome your comments and questions.


Robbie Briggs

President and CEO

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty



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