Expert Q&A: How Do You Ensure Your Home Is a Solid Investment?

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Are you looking for a family home – and a good investment? Experts at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty offer these suggestions on where to look to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle and a sound investment.

Lucinda Buford
Lucinda Buford

A: Homes in the Park Cities are always a solid investment because of the school system and sense of community.  Whether you utilize the public schools or use any of the excellent private schools – you always have options for your kids. It’s a wonderful community with deep roots and a great deal of history. The land, especially, has been of great interest recently. Builders have returned to the area, and new construction is going very quickly. 214.728.4289 |

Claire Dewar

A: The neighborhood always makes a big difference when you’re deciding on a good real estate investment. Families are looking for security and community, where children can safely play outside with their neighborhood friends. A strong choice is Greenway Parks, which also has lots of neighborhood and community activities. As families have gotten busier, it’s fairly rare to find the neighborhoods where children can run back and forth between homes to play. But they do that in Greenway Parks. 214.808.6045 |

Ginger Nobles

A: Close-in locations like Lakewood, Uptown, south of the Park Cities along Turtle Creek, the Park Cities and Preston Hollow are all great bets. The key is making certain that the price you pay is tied to comparable sales over the past six months and that it would appraise by an MAI appraiser. The advice and expertise of a qualified Realtor cannot be matched in making sure that your investment is well protected and wise. 214.212.4434 | |

Christy Berry

A: I always recommend the areas around universities for good family-home investments. Universities provide a reliable base for desirable, affordable neighborhoods. They create an infrastructure – a student population with a consistent need for housing – that supports growth in the local real estate market. That means neighborhoods to the north, surrounding the University of Dallas and especially the University of Arlington, which has gotten really big. Closer to the core of Dallas, you have SMU and the well-established Park Cities neighborhoods. 214.693.1600 | |

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