Summer Reading Special: Getting Your Toddler on Track

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We know the summer reading programs at local libraries are winding down – and we’ve had a great time sponsoring some of those special programs. But we have just a few more reading tips to take you through the last few weeks of summer …

Snuggle and cuddle time is usually what reading to a toddler comes down to. And it is a great bonding time with your child. But a local librarian says you can do a few things to get your toddler on track to becoming an avid reader.

Sign up your toddler for a reading program. This especially works with toddlers who have older siblings in a reading program.

Start your 1- to 2-year-old off with board books.

Once your children are interested in reading, usually around age 3, move them into primary readers, like the “Dick and Jane” books.

The best way to read to your toddler for language development is to read first, and then show them pictures.

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