Top 12 Back to School Apps for Everyone in Dallas

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Back to school can be crazy, right? So, we’ll take anything to make the transition a little easier. That’s why we went looking for some great apps to help us (and the kids) get back into the back-to-school swing. Here’s what we found.

Evernote- iOS, Android

“Create notes and to-do lists on the go. Clip and save parts of web pages. Categorize and label notes. Share and collaborate with others. “

– Independence Title

iStudiez Pro- iOS

“Tracks basic assignments, along with lectures, labs, project deadlines, and more. Even includes a full planner that allows tracking information about each course instructor, including office hours and contact information. Students can even track their grades/GPA on the fly.”

– ZD Net

iHomework- iOS

“Students with full schedules will love this app that is designed to keep track of class assignments. The interface makes it easy to enter new assignments, and the app will give reminders as the due date draws near so nothing is forgotten.”

– ZD Net

Flashcards + – iOS

“The best way to get things stuck in your head? Repetition. Instead of going out and buying hundreds of flashcards (you’ll end up throwing away), download the Flashcards+ app, and use as many as you want, for free.”

– Complex

Wunderlist- iOS, Android

“Simple-to-use to-do list app that keeps us on track. Thanks to its recurring items and notifications, we never miss deadlines or forget assignment deadlines! With collaborative lists that stay in sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, we can keep our tasks organized.”

– Complex


“If you need to jot down notes, record, or write out full assignments, this is the app for you. As the name suggests, the app’s best use is its note taking feature: you can write notes, draw, insert pictures, links, and take snapshots of websites and insert them in. Notability will bring your notes to life.”

– Complex

Google Drive- iOS, Android

“Upload anything from PDFs, resumes, and other files, or type out a word doc or a spreadsheet. Once you’re done, go on the desktop and print out your assignment, or copy and paste it into Word and give it a final brush up.”


iSource MLA-iOS

“Hate writing essays? You probably hate doing the “works cited” page even more. With so many new avenues to get your information, such as podcasts and websites, iSource MLA will help you cite your work correctly, all in one place.”

– Complex

Wikipedia- iOS, Android

“Yes, we know: Wikipedia isn’t exactly the destination for 100-percent, grade-A correct information. But, it can help steer you in the right direction. Look up what you need, or brush up on a few things before class—Wikipedia could end up saving you on an off day. Quick tip: when you look up a story, scroll down to the “Sources” section if you need to cite things for a paper. “

– Complex

Graphing Calculator- iOS

“Math, it’s everyone’s favorite subject. Nowadays, we can do many of the calculations on our smartphone’s calculator, but when it comes to graphing problems—well, that’s when we’re in trouble. Raise up your phone’s calculating features with the Graphing Calculator app for iPhone and iPad, and get out of sticky situations in math class. “

– Complex

Rate my Professor- iOS

“We know you’ve heard of the website before, but now you can rate your best and worst professors straight from your phone. The Rate My Professor app will come in handy when looking up which classes you want to take next semester, and which ones you may need to steer away from if you want to keep your GPA nice and clean.”

– Complex

Endless Alphabet – iOS / Android

“What makes this app so much fun are the adorable graphics and sophisticated wordplay that doesn’t talk down to kids. The 26 words included aren’t your typical “CAT” or “TOP” spelling words, but more interesting words like “Bellow” and “Gargantuan.”” – Best Apps for Reading 2014

To see some more reviews for the back-to-school transition:


ZD Net

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