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Legacy Land – A Look at Buying Texas Ranches

The 831-acre Robinson Ranch in Blanco County is listed for $10,395,625. Photos / Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Selling Texas farms and ranches used to be mostly a local transaction. Brokers of rural land were experts, often working in small offices. They knew what properties were for sale and what was happening in one or two counties. But today, buyers more often find their dream property on the Internet, while they are drinking coffee in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or reading a magazine in New York City. They need a different type of broker in finding a farm or ranch.

The Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty Ranch and Land division provides a global reach for large property owners to sell their land. With land experts who live and breathe the legacy they sell, the company is uniquely positioned to know what is happening throughout Texas, what properties are available, what they are worth and what’s happening in the surrounding areas. And with the international reach of the brand, agents are able to connect people around the world with the big views and even bigger opportunities that reside in the Lone Star State.

Black Bridge Ranch | Brazos River / Cameron, TX | Listed for $6,750,000

Black Bridge Ranch, 10987 FM 979 Cameron 77837, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's luxury home for sale in Dallas Fort Worth-water view

Not all ranches in Texas are alike. In East Texas, ranches are mostly for hunting and fishing. North of Fort Worth, many ranches cater to thoroughbred horses. Others and especially those to the south and southwest are cattle ranches.

And the buyers are different too. Some come from the big cities of Texas, where they work hard during the week and need a place to escape on weekends. Others come from Europe, South America and Asia, following the lure of Texas and the investment opportunity of its land.

Hedrick Ranch | Buffalo Gap, TX | Listed for $2,712,600

Hedrick Ranch, 0 CR 151 Buffalo Gap 79508, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's luxury home for sale in Dallas Fort Worth-bluff view

To assist buyers today, brokers need to understand what the buyer wants and what land is available to satisfy those dreams.  “Now is the time to buy a ranch,” said Robbie Briggs, President and CEO of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. “Land has always been a good hedge against inflation, and that’s particularly true right now with interest rates at historic lows.  People see that land is an investment that can be used now and passed on to future generations.”

For more luxury homes, see Click here to see the latest in real estate news. President and CEO Robbie Briggs independently owns and operates Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty with seven offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Uptown, Lakewood, Ranch and Land, The Ballpark and Southlake.

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