Charities Offer a Home for Good to Children, Families

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As seen in Papercity December 2015:

As we celebrate the season of giving and receiving, we remember those searching for a warm, dry comfortable place to call home.

Helping Homeless Kids


Today, more than 5,000 children are homeless in North Texas school systems. Born of the realization that students were living out of their lockers, two Plano ISD staff members opened City House in 1988. It now operates five facilities to bring food security, stabile housing, access to education and medical care to over 6,500 vulnerable children in the last 27 years.

Janae came to City House at only 2 years old after a drug raid. Having lived alone in a dark room, she never cried, laughed or showed any emotion. She had never left her crib or seen sunlight, causing her eyes to cross. But after three months at City House, her eyes began to correct, she learned to laugh, and even cry, because for the first time someone was there to dry her tears.

Though child homelessness rates have gone down in North Texas, City House continues to bring help, hope and empowerment to the thousands of children in need and remains a vital component of its resolution.


Fighting Poverty at the Root

RECOMMENDED PHORO - Michelle - City Square

Larry James, President and CEO of CitySquare, will be the first to tell you that CitySquare doesn’t fight poverty for the poor, but with the poor. For 25 years, CitySquare has been a proven community leader in addressing the root cause of poverty.

Comprehensive programs revolve around hunger, health, housing and hope. The Transitional Resource Action Center (TRAC) aids people in emergency need like Michelle, who in 2014 learned she was pregnant at the same time she lost her apartment. Having a stable place to live allowed Michelle to find employment, work with her coach to move back into her own apartment and take college classes. Now, Michelle is on track to graduate from college with a degree in Criminal Justice and is a testament of the healing and hope CitySquare brings its clients.


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