How to Curate Art for Your New Home

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Your new home serves as the outward expression of your inner self — and it’s what you display inside it that makes it highly unique.

Sotheby’s International Realty recently revealed some key steps to curating an art collection that not only speaks to you, but is displayed at its best.

Identify your taste.

Perhaps you’re a strategist, focusing on pieces with visual precision. Maybe you’re a minimalist, preferring just one or two pieces. It could be that you’re a bona fide enthusiast, peppering your dwelling with an eclectic mix of paintings, photography and sculpture. Some things speak to you — and you alone. Instead of trying to conform to an idea of what should be in your home, go for what instinctually draws you in.

Focus on mood.

How do you want to feel when you walk into a room? Excited? Relaxed? Inspired? Art can shape not only how a room looks, but also how it makes you feel. Perhaps the wave-like quality of a smooth marble sculpture reminds you of peaceful shores, or maybe the mirrored shards of a mixed-media piece help shift your focus to self-reflection. You can embrace, amplify or transform moods with your collection.

Frame it right.

It isn’t just about an actual frame: It’s about what works within the space. Great arrangements draw in the eye and invite it to explore nearby, but loop it back to a focal point. Decide what that focal point would be: the art, a breathtaking view, a sculptural sofa, a prominent lighting fixture. Wherever you want your eye to start and finish, fill that area with complementary — but not overpowering — furnishings and works.

However you decide to curate art for your inner sanctum, let it reflect your personality and show another side to how you live.

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