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How much do you know about augmented reality?

AR, as it is often known, is a revolutionary, interactive technology that allows you to create an environment whereby real things and spaces are augmented — overlaid, in a sense — by computer-generated imagery when viewed through a device. It is used in everything from video games and medicine to city planning and architecture design.

And now real estate. Sotheby’s International Realty® has introduced Curate, the first real estate AR app for digitally furnishing a home that is for sale to your liking. It works whether the home you’re considering is empty or furnished. You just scan the floor of a room with the camera in your phone or tablet and the fun begins. The furnishings within the app — in styles from modern to traditional to rustic — come from a variety of retailers. You can move your chosen furniture around or change it entirely. Think a bedroom might be better as an office? Change the furniture. Would that dining room be a better den? Furnish it and see. You can even take screenshots of the rooms, to save or share. It is amazing. Even better, if you purchase a home you’ve furnished using Curate, you can buy any or all of the furniture easily, right through the app. Get Curate by Sotheby’s International Realty on Google Play or download it through the Apple app store: There is nothing else like it in the real estate market.

In a story called A Manager’s Guide to Augmented Reality, by the Harvard Business Review, it is said that AR experiences allow consumers to form more-accurate expectations, which increases confidence in purchasing decisions and even shortens the sales cycle.

The Curate app is a significant differentiator for the clients and agents of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. Augmented reality unites fresh innovation with our longstanding commitment to exceptional service. For prospective homebuyers, Curate allows them to envision a house as their own, as they explore it with one of our agents. And for our agents, Curate gives them an even more meaningful role in helping a client imagine a house as a home.

That is what they’ve always done best — and always will.


ROBBIE BRIGGS, President and CEO

As seen in the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section. 

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